Clients & Testimonials

Our Clients’ Success is Our Success

“Congratulations and thanks for all of everyone’s supreme effort within the integrated eVigilant and Federal team to make this monumental accomplishment a reality, in what I think is in record-breaking time! A lot of hard work from the team in so many ways that there are too many to list in this e-mail.”

Associate Director, at Large Federal Agency in response to successful milestone delivery on a highly visible enterprise initiative

“eVigilant was a very responsive and had tight processes in place to help ensure that the project was delivered on time, within budget, scope, and met IRS stringent quality standards. In my 20+ years of managing projects, I would rank eVigilant as one of the best vendors I have had the pleasure to work with because of their attention to detail, focus on client, and providing innovative solutions that meet client needs. They have multiple internal gate checks on deliverables that helped ensure consistently high-quality deliverables. There was zero deviation on costs on this complex engagement.”

Federal Program Manager, of an initiative at a large civilian agency where eVigilant was prime contractor leading a large-scale enterprise IT security integration effort

“eVigilant developed a project charter and an IV&V Management plan and have been diligently working with our management team to coordinate and help advance the project. They have regular status meetings to go over progress, outstanding action items, risks and upcoming activities. eVigilant has a stringent internal quality control process that entails internal gate checks on deliverables that help to ensure consistently high-quality deliverables. There has been zero deviation on costs on this engagement.”

Senior Manager, of a Division within a large Federal Agency responsible for national security

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with eVigilant. The services provided were consistently high quality and the team members they provided integrated seamlessly with both Government and Contractor staff. All deliverables were on time and exceeded expectations. The assigned Project Manager took the time to understand project requirements at the outset which created an environment where eVigilant was self-directed and anticipated Government concerns and therefore was positioned to deal with these issues in proactive fashion. All staff was qualified and well suited for their positions and conducted themselves in a professional manner.”

Sr. Program Manager, within CIO organization of a very large Federal Agency responsible for national security. This was a PIV LACS support initiative.

“eVigilant helped to implement the first cloud-based solution at the enterprise level at our agency and worked expertly with multiple organizations internal and external to our agency to identify all dependencies, and manage them successfully. The innovative solution that eVigilant implemented helped leverage existing technology we already had. They helped saved our agency millions through productivity improvements, compared to the old manual paper-based process of collecting employee signatures. The effort was recognized by being nominated for the prestigious commissioners award in 2011.”

Program Manager, of Privacy and Information Protection at a large civilian Federal agency

Our Clients

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