Management Team

Chief Executive Officer and President – Gunvir S. Baveja

Mr. Gunvir S. Baveja is the President and Chief Executive Officer of eVigilant, Inc. His primary focus is on leading the strategic growth and direction of the firm, while ensuring the highest stakeholder satisfaction fostered through a passion for service and quality. Mr. Baveja, along with his experienced executive team, shares a common drive for excellence, and works closely with clients and industry partners to deliver on eVigilant’s mantra of service, innovation, performance and high value integrated security solutions for both the Government and commercial clients. With his leadership, eVigilant has been recognized by Inc magazine in 2007 and 2009 for excellence and amongst the top security companies by the Washington Business Journals in 2007.

Mr. Baveja is a principal security engineer by profession and provides both executive and technical leadership at eVigilant. Mr. Baveja has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has worked in firms such as MCI, LCC, Lucent, and Sprint. He has brought in senior management to help fulfill eVigilant’s goal of providing its valued clients with high-value, comprehensive security solutions suite. Mr. Baveja’s goal is to make eVigilant into one of the nation’s top security companies to help clients with their cyber security and physical security needs, making eVigilant unique in offering its client a one-stop-shop for all of their integrated security needs. Together with his management team, he is working hard on continually keeping up with industry trends, and providing the best qualified team of professionals to provide high-value security services and offerings to eVigilant’s clients and helping them implement cost-effective ways to minimize their overall risk posture.

Mr. Baveja has a proven track record of helping clients align their business objectives with their technology plans and has served as a trusted security advisor to many executives in the DC metro area. He also has an excellent track record of implementing integrated security solutions to help minimize risks and optimize the overall security posture for clients. Mr. Baveja holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic University.

General Manager, Physical Security Division – Jason Tibbetts

Jason is eVigilant’s General Manager and leads our Physical Security Division. He possesses 20 years of experience managing and performing technical security, fire alarm, inside and outside fiber optical systems, and electrical site surveys, threat assessments, installations/upgrades. Jason understands and has the ability to lead threat vulnerability assessments, testing and quality control of these systems, ensuring risks are mitigated and security posture is improved. His responsibility and interaction for every contract eVigilant executes has developed extensive knowledge of contractual requirements, financial analysis, and the know how in order to complete projects on time and within budget. Jason is a subject matter expert for transportation safety and has over 15 years of experience working on major initiatives with the Washington Area Metro Transit Authority (WMATA). Jason understands the challenges and the environment of working in the Rapid Mass Transit Environment. Jason takes Safety very seriously and maintains an impeccable safety record and the required know-how to accomplish zero-accident project delivery. Jason possesses a Top Secret clearance and certifications in NICET-2, MDI, C-Cure 800/8000, LENEL, HIRSCH, i-STAR, Software House. Prior to coming onboard at eVigilant, Jason served as the Director of Operations at Orion Management, where he was responsible for managing approximately 130 employees.

Corporate Controller – Amar R. Singh

Amar serves as eVigilant’s corporate controller and leads our accounting and finance operations, including P&L reporting, DCAA compliance, accounts receivables/payable, and payroll. Amar has been with eVigilant since 2015 and has helped eVigilant with a major accounting system upgrade and led the efforts to achieve DCAA compliance. Amar has also led the effort to implement and integrate a new enterprise resource planning system. Prior to coming onboard at eVigilant, Amar served as Corporate Controller at Adams and Associates, Inc.

Amar has over fifteen years of experience in government contracting, process management and financial operations. At eVigilant, Amar is responsible for managing the accounting and financial operations. He received his MBA from University of North Carolina.