eVigilant Continues to provide innovative, cost-effective security solutions for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

admin September,30,2011

eVigilant, Inc. (eVigilant) announced today that the firm has been awarded an additional option year contract from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide e-signature capability for some of its sensitive e-learning courseware.

eVigilant has successfully implemented an enterprise PKI-based e-signature capability for internal IRS employees that help with non-repudiation. The design and development began in October 2010 and was successfully launched at the enterprise level at the IRS in July 2011. As part of the Department of Treasury, the Internal Revenue Service was looking for this initiative to support its workforce of the future initiative. The eVigilant solution will support the IRS’s organizational objectives – to automate the process for the signing of the training acknowledgement form for it’s UNAX course, which is a mandatory course all IRS employees have to take annually to help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive systems and tax payers data. eVigilant will provide the e-signature and workflow capability that would involve applying an e-signature on this form compliant to PKI and Federal e-signature standards, thus eliminating the current manual process that is time consuming and costly. Once the digital signatures have been applied to the training acknowledgement form, the digitally signed form (actual image) will be collected, stored, for retrieval if subsequently needed, for review. The current UNAX annual training certification process is paper-based, which has considerable burdens and costs. It is labor intensive for managers and employees to adhere to the annual training certification process. The manual process of paper handling and paper storage costs IRS over $1,000,000 per year. eVigilant is helping the IRS realize significant costs savings by moving to an electronic training certification. eVigilant has also provided e-learning solutions and support to USDA.

Combined with other recent large wins at the Environmental Protection Agency, US Department of Homeland Security, and National Archives, we are encouraged as this reinforces and supports our strategy and vision to be the advisor of choice for integrated enterprise IT security and electronic security solutions to the Federal government. ”We are proud of our accomplishment at the IRS, delivering a key workforce of tomorrow initiative for the Commissioner on time, and on budget. We are pleased that the IRS has chosen to continue to utilize our e-signature solution by choosing to exercise the first option year on our contract.” said Raj Leyl, eVigilant’s Chief Operating Officer. We are proud to have met IRS expectations and this renewal demonstrates the trust that the agency has in our abilities” said Gunvir Baveja, who has been eVigilant’s Chief Executive Officer since 1999.