eVigilant receives $15.6M Award to protect nations TSA Infrastructure

admin September,27,2012

eVigilant, Inc. (eVigilant) announced today that the firm has been awarded a $15.6M contract to help upgrade and maintain the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security systems at facilities across the country. The contract was a single award blanket purchase agreement (BPA) that spans 5 years through September 2017. eVigilant has been contracted to be the vendor of choice to upgrade the physical security systems across all TSA facilities across the nation, and provide training to security personnel.

“We are extremely pleased that the TSA has entrusted us to be their vendor of choice for their physical security needs. To be entrusted to secure TSA facilities at airports all across the country is a critical role only entrusted to the very best security providers. We are honored to be TSA’s trusted advisor on matters pertaining to security”, said Gunvir Baveja, eVigilant’s CEO. As part of the initial award, TSA has awarded a contract to upgrade the security systems at the TSA facilities at 3 TSA facilities. “We plan to work closely with TSA to help execute their upgrade plan over the next 5 years and deliver top quality service and solutions:, said Raj Leyl, eVigilant’s Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Baveja also said “We are very excited about this win and the continued growth of eVigilant. This helps us establish ourselves as a premier security provider across the nation”. We plan to assemble a strong network across the nation to help ensure adequate coverage and ensure we meet or exceed TSA’s performance expectations”.

eVigilant is an established leader in providing innovative, cost-effective, IT and security solutions to our clients. Founded in 1999, eVigilant has helped hundreds of organizations secure their facilities and IT systems using cost-effective solutions. eVigilant has been recognized as one of the fastest growing “Inc. 500” list of companies in America and has experienced 200% growth over the last 3 years.