eVigilant Wins Contract to Upgrade Security at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 2 Headquarters in New York and New Jersey

admin September,30,2011

eVigilant.com, Inc. (eVigilant Security) announced today the award of a contract by EPA to upgrade and maintain the physical access control system (PACS) at the EPA Region 2 Headquarters facilities in New York, and New Jersey. This system will be compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD -12), which directs federal agencies to verify employee and contractor identities to keep government information secure. eVigilant will be the prime contractor performing this contract. The total contract value is over $1.48M.
eVigilant will work on integrating a PACS system across the Region 2 region for EPA, which consists of The EPA’s Region 2 HQ located in New York City, NY, EPA Regional Laboratory in Edison, NJ. eVigilant had previously also been awarded a contract to work on the 3rd region 2 facility, namely the Caribbean Environmental Protection Division (CEPD) in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.

The EPA’s PACS will be installed to accommodate EPA’s requirements in meeting HSPD-12’s requirement to use the new Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card for physical access. This will include the use of EPA’s currently issued PIV Credential (i.e. EPASS badge) to ingress their facilities. In case of emergency, the PIV badging system enables cross-agency collaboration. eVigilant will be the prime contractor leading all design, deployment, testing, and maintenance activities associated with the security upgrade at the EPA Region 2 facilities. eVigilant has deployed a number of enterprise-wide access control systems for EPA in the past, including at Region 5 (Chicago, IL), and currently have active contracts entailing upgrading the security systems at other EPA regions including Region 4 HQ located in Atlanta and Athens, Georgia, and another Region 2 campus located in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. “Our past performance, dedication to quality, combined with best value we provide the EPA has made us the vendor of choice for EPA as they work on upgrading their security systems across the nation”, said Raj Leyl, eVigilant’s COO. “Our technical solution and capabilities put us above the competition because EPA was looking for a robust, cost-effective security system to meet their rigorous requirements. eVigilant has the expertise, and is a trusted advisor to the Federal government in matters pertaining to physical and cyber security. We are pleased that the EPA has chosen eVigilant to secure their facilities” said Gunvir Baveja, eVigilant’s CEO.

Combined with other recent large wins at the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security, other EPA regions, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and National Archives, this enables eVigilant to continue to expand their services nationally to provide the federal government with a proven vendor that has become a trusted partner for integrated security system solutions. eVigilant is leading the way towards the trend of convergence between physical and logical security access to Federal facilities and systems.