API  Gateway Security

API Gateway Security

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Application Programming Interface (API) proliferation have transformed how enterprises share and consume information across B2B, G2G, Cloud and Mobile IT environments. While this newfound agility has spurred IT Modernization initiatives, it has also introduced new and significant access control and data security risks. This is exacerbated by insufficient legacy access control and data security threat mitigation. Modern secure architecture design requires an acute understanding of enterprise vulnerabilities.

eVigilant, the leader in security services, offers its API Security Audit to help its customers gain a clearer understanding of their risks and remediation opportunities. This 1 day API Security Audit is designed to enhance enterprise threat awareness and vulnerabilities, along with remediation recommendations. eVigilant has innovative solutions to improve API security in any enterprise and help improve overall security posture of any enterprise network.

Highlights of our API audit assessment include:

  • Questionnaire assessment
  • Identity and access control enforcement review
  • Message brokering, security and integration review
  • Threat awareness assessment
  • API Security Audit report and recommendations

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