Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The Problem

To effectively address the numerous mission-critical information security challenges faced by our clients, we offer several key IT security services for today’s enterprises, focused on lowering your overall risk posture. At eVigilant, we understand that Cyber security is more than just IT security, it is a pervasive enterprise issue. Our IT security services effectively blend mission, people, process, and technology. We help you institutionalize processes, introduce tools, and train your staff to help mitigate IT risks and vulnerabilities. We keep abreast of the latest technologies, standards, and guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and help you be compliant with these.

Cyber and IT Security Services

IT Security Risk Assessments and Mitigation Planning

eVigilant serves as a trusted advisor on mitigating security risks for our clients’ business and IT eco-systems. NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is the leading authority in establishing guidelines and helping the industry converge towards a common standard. The NIST Assessment and Authorization (A&A) methodology is described in a document known as Special Publication 800-37. Let eVigilant expertly guide and navigate you towards compliance. We have experts trained on the NIST Risk Management Framework that will help ensure risks are proactively identified and cost-effectively mitigated.

Identity, Credentials, and Access Management (ICAM and IDAM)

We provide HSPD-12 compliant strategic consulting and solutions that integrate the management of identity information, credentials, and secure access to buildings, and the corresponding logical access control on corporate networks and enterprise IT systems. We offer Identity and Access Management (IDAM) technical capabilities with regards to management of user authorizations, e.g. Privilege Management. In today’s net-centric information sharing environments, and evolution towards increased interoperability across networks and physical spaces, requires applications and systems to evolve their current authentication, authorization, and access control paradigms to support both anticipated and unanticipated users.

Security and Information Assurance Services (FISMA Compliance)

eVigilant, Inc. offers Security and Information Assurance Services to its customers. We help certify and verify that systems adhere to the NIST security safeguards and processes to ensure that they are kept up-to-date. All federal agencies in the United States must have their IT systems and infrastructure certified and accredited (C&A) once every three years. It is a detailed and extensive process where certified security experts review policy and operational documentation on an agency’s IT systems and infrastructure, and either pass them or fail them.

Cyber Security Governance Implementation and Training

Well defined and managed processes provide the backbone for Mission Assurance. We can help you effectively assess your current governance process, identify opportunities for improvement, and help implement and train your organization on end-to-end cyber security process models to help ensure overall process integrity and agile response to ever changing risk. We offer cost-effective solutions for your e-learning needs in the cyber and electronic security needs.

Cyber Defense and Engineering

At eVigilant, we understand that your security posture is only as strong as your weakest link. In today’s enterprise, the vast majority of security breaches occur through social engineering, phishing, and baiting techniques, which target end users of secure systems. This is precisely the reason why promoting security awareness across an organization is central to our approach. We have innovative tools and techniques that target training end-users and use of innovative tools. Without the right partner to help defend your enterprise networks and applications, even the most modern systems are vulnerable. Let eVigilant help improve and maintain your security posture.