Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

The Problem

Navigating the back bone of your business networking infrastructure and diligently protecting it from unauthorized intrusion can be a challenging and complex dilemma for many businesses. The rapid emergence of new technology and methods for the cyber criminals makes it critical to ensure you are properly protected and informed. eVigilant’s team of highly skilled security engineers take a holistic approach to helping reduce the overall security risk posture of your network and intellectual assets that are on it. We provide end-to-end solutions that help ensure security is considered early in your system acquisition life cycle, from helping educate and train you on assessing and mitigating risks associated with your online transactions, identifying existing security vulnerabilities and helping bridge them, and building or enhancing your networking back-bone that drives your business applications so that it runs efficiently.

Network Infrastructure Services

Network Health Assessment and Troubleshooting

The Network Health Assessment is one of eVigilant’s core service offerings. It is an in depth analysis and evaluation of the state of a customer’s network, security posture, together with recommendations for improvement. The nature of the offering is to review the entire network and not redesign it. Therefore, some of the recommendations are for specific actions to be taken, while others are for areas of further study that will lead to specific action. Our aim and purpose is to help provide you with expert advise on areas needing improvement that will help your network run more efficiently, and securely.

Network Infrastructure Design and Deployment

We can help you with your network infrastructure design and deployment needs. We take the effort to understand your business requirement, along with the technology applications that your business will be utilizing to support your business goals, and design and build networks that will adequately support your needs and usage, with emphasis always on properly securing it from unauthorized intrusion.

Network Penetration Testing and Scans

To effectively address network firewall security vulnerabilities, we offer network Penetration testing, which includes comprehensive tests to discover vulnerabilities and discover the risk index of applications. We can also offer recommendations to lower the risk index and help bridge the gaps identified. We also offer Network Security Assessments, which focuses on performing a comprehensive assessment of your internal and external corporate network infrastructure. Based on the vulnerabilities found, the security posture is then determined and reported, with recommendations on alternatives for mitigation.

Network Forensics

We also specialize in implementing network forensics solutions to help you with incident response, situational awareness, and network security Assurance.