Managed Access

Managed Access

Managed Security: eVigilant’s Full Service Approach

eVigilant’s solution leverages the power of the internet to provide a secure and scalable solution to our customers. Our Software-AS-A-Service solution eliminates the need for dedicated servers, software installation, system administration, & IT hassles. The system is administered from the web browser from anywhere in the world.

Customizable, Web-hosted Access Control

Features include:

  • All management and control functions via the Web: Using any standard Web browser, authorized administrators can manage access from almost any location at any time.
  • Plug and play installation and networking: eVigilant Access control panels automatically connect to the hosting center moments after installation.
  • Easy customization: The system can easily interface with most industry standard access control readers – even biometrics.
  • Point and click control: Access rights can be configured with a mouse click and valuable event data is available in real-time through customizable online reports and e-mail notifications.
  • Central data hosting: All data is located at eVigilant’s data Center, archived automatically and protected in redundant databases.
  • State-of-the-art data security: eVigilant provided 128-bit encryption end-to-end encryption to provided data security
  • Full-time network monitoring: A staff of security professionals monitors the network around the clock to provide service.


  • No server or Software to install
  • Remote management using a standard web browser
  • Notification via email or Text Messaging
  • 24-Hour Central Station Monitoring
  • Web interface requires less training
  • Scalability to Unlimited number of doors & users
  • Backups, archives, and upgrades handled by eVigilant

Physical Security: Access Control

eVigilant’s revolutionary browser-based access control solution that lets you manage your system anytime from anywhere. This browserbased solution enables management of the system from anywhere, anytime linking access alarms to eVigilant’s Control Center (ACC) giving you a window into any situation. Communication is bidirectional though web browser or smart phone application.

• Secure

eVigilant’s solution is designed from the ground up with security in mind. Our extensive security architecture reviews and third party
penetration testing ensure customers safety. The most current cryptographic algorithms protect your data and facilities.

• Cost Effective

eVigilant believes that businesses no longer have to be burdened with the administrative or set up costs associated with stand-alone access control systems. Frees you to focus on what you do best. eVigilant’s solutions can reduce total cost of ownership and convert costs from upfront capital to recurring monthly charges.

• Easy to Use

eVigilant’s solutions are developed to be familiar. Design elements that follow Windows styling make the learning curve short and maintain ease of access. Our Mobile apps are very intuitive and easy to use.

• Flexible

eVigilant believes that web-based products are the future. Users should be able to operate their access control system from anywhere. If the needs of a user change, their eVigilant’s solution will change with them.

Service & Maintenance

eVigilant’s Service & Maintenance for Access Control and Security systems includes – for a fixed fee – parts and labor for repair of normal wear and tear on the physical system installed at your site. Our Maintenance Service becomes available at the expiration of our initial 12-month warranty on the labor and materials used in the system. Video System maintenance is included for all eVigilant-provided parts for ninety (90) days from the date of install, after which Video Maintenance becomes available. Video Maintenance covers parts and labor for cameras, encoders, network switches and cabling.

Leading Access Control Technologies

Security solutions should have a notable presence without impeding business operations rather, improving the experience of the people that occupy the secured space is our objective. To improve integration of security and access control systems within your physical space, eVigilant offers simple, convenient and reliable access control from your mobile device. Through mobile applications, our clients have the ability to monitor and control the security of their facilities from their mobile devices.

Smartphone Video Intercom Platform

Built from the ground up with developers, property managers and residents in mind, this cloud-based intercom format is efficient, customizable, and cost-effective. System installation and maintenance is just as simple as gaining access through this unique system. We provide our customers with a weather proof touch screen, through which visitors can access a directory of occupants or dial the person they wish to reach directly. Once a visitor locates and dials the number for the person they are attempting to reach, the resident/occupant receives a video call on his/her mobile device. The resident/occupant can choose to answer the call, reject the call, grant the visitor access to the building, or send the visitor a text message.

Traditional Intercom System


Traditional Intercom systems require advanced notice of a visitor’s arrival and require residents to be physically present to grant their visitors access to a facility. With this innovative system, residents can grant access into a facility from any place at any time.

Smartphone Intercom System


Mobile Monitoring

eVigilant offers our clients a fully web-enabled solution for the configuration, commanding and real time monitoring of physical access control installations. Because this application is fully web-enabled, there is no software to install on our clients’ desktop which affords the freedom to access the application from anywhere at any time. The user interface offers a single page experience, even for features such as photo capture, cropping and ID badge printing. A broad range of window layouts, complimented by display scaling, allow our users to customize the application on their mobile device with as little or as much information as they wish. This solution does not require a dedicated, on-site server, which significantly reduces cost for the user and the overall cost of ownership.


Cloud Based Monitoring

This mobile application sends push notifications to users any time an event takes place at customer specified doors; it allows users to subscribe to events at a high level, or, if desired, on a more granular level based strictly on the priority level assigned to the event and the door; it allows users to review event history; it allows users to connect with personnel or update their