Navy Seaport Enhanced – Efficient and Effective

eVigilant Security is a Small Disadvantaged Business prime contractor forSeaPort Enhanced, providing a broad spectrum of capabilities to the US Navy and its customers.

In accordance with SeaPort Contract Office requirement, this web page has been established to allow communication with prospective customers regarding eVigilant’s ability to provide world class support services for all NAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, and field activities.

eVigilant’s Functional Capabilities

The SeaPort Enhanced contract enables eVigilant to bid across all 22 functional areas in four SeaPort-e zones. The below table illustrates eVigilant’s functional capabilities under this contract.

Points of Contact

Business Development
Raj S. Leyl, MBA, PMP

Amar Singh

Contract Number


Quality Assurance

With an emphasis on ISO 9000/9001 and CMMI compliance, the eVigilant team maintainsquality program plans and provides a dedicated QA engineers as needed. Quality plan elementsare tailored to each project’s specific QA requirements; this also helps to define the specificinspection procedures and processes applicable to specific elements of the effort, including:financial, schedule, and material tracking; COTS integration; systems integration; and sitedeliveredproducts.

The eVigilant Team

Secure Mission Solutions, LLC (SMS), has significant relevant experience in providing a broadrange of IT support services for DoD agencies and departments including providing programmanagement, help desk, and support across the full systems development life cycle (SDLC) relatedto a myriad of DoD operational programs, systems, and networks. SMS and eVigilant have a mentorprotégé relationship and are closely partnered on multiple other engagements, and thus, have processes, agreements, and due to our strong experience in cyber security and informationassurance, our processes, and methodologies focus strongly on ensuring that your IT networks andsystems are properly secured, and risks are mitigated to ensure that the network, applications, andfacilities remain secure, and risks mitigated proactively, through the use of effective best practicesand tools to perform IT support services in an efficient and cost effective manner. SMS has officesin Zones 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Task Orders

eVigilant was recently added as a prime contractor on the Navy Seaport-e contract and we do not have any task orders as of yet on this contracting vehicle.