eVigilant Named “Top Revenue Growth in 2018” and “Top Business Owners of 2018”

eVigilant Security received the award for “Top Revenue Growth in 2018” and “Top Business Owners of 2018” at the PSA Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. In addition to this achievement, the company recently merged with Evolver—a cybersecurity company, to form Converged Security Solutions. eVigilant focuses on physical security and IT systems, offering a variety of services such as design, installation, engineering, security and maintenance.  The company has grown 200% within the past three years and has been named on the “Inc. 500” list as well.
The PSA Convention hosted by the PSA Security Network is held annually for its members and owners to learn about new trends, tools, and resources in the security industry and to network with other attendees. This year’s 47th convention brought together over 70 different integrators, over 50 of which were PSA’s owners and members.
eVigilant maintains a focus on growth within its larger converged security sector. “As eVigilant continues to grow in size, revenue, and influence, so too will its staff and team members.  eVigilant isn’t just committed to being an industry leader, but is committed to investing in its entire team…and its leadership,” said eVigilant CEO Gunvir Baveja.

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